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We seek to share value creation with employees

A very generous redistribution scheme is looked after with employees representatives, taking into account the company situation.



Examples of redistribution scheme already implemented :




« intéressement » is a savings plan that allows employees to receive a bonus usually placed on a salary savings plan.

For example, a generous incentive mechanism has been put in place within Continentale Nutrition and Carbone Savoie.


Employee share ownership


Employee share ownership allows a company, whether listed or unlisted, to associate its employees with its capital. They become shareholders of their company.

For example, at Carbone Savoie, we set up one of the very first mutual recovery funds (fonds commun de placement de reprise – FCPER) in France, in 2018.

95% of employees collectively own 5% of the company.

Of course, if the conditions are met, employees will also benefit from
profit-sharing of the company.


Finally, we strive to generalize these practices, as we are convinced of their effectiveness,
by having signed the charter of good behavior of turnaround investors (AiR).


AiR charter signed


With this charter, we are committed to « promoting – where possible – sharing of value creation by associating employees with the fruits of corporate performance through participation or profit-sharing mechanisms ».

This charter is available on the AiR web site : charte de l’investissement en retournement.