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Alandia Industries works with the management team

Our goal: lead together a successful turnaround


Alandia Industries builds systematically the turnaround investment

business plan with the management team.

Any turnaround of a distressed company requires the execution of a disruptive strategy in a very short time. Alandia Industries can only carry out such a project with the support of the entire management team. Alandia Industries does not invest in a distressed company in which its approach and strategy would not be supported by the management team.
turnaround investment France
« Alandia Industries initially led an exemplary financial restructuring in close link to the creditors, which allowed Lansay to restore the solvency of its balance sheet. Their experience and operational involvement – throughout their investment – was key in significantly improving Lansay’s business model. Nicolas de Germay is a trusted partner with whom we will not hesitate to consider new opportunities for the future. »  Serge Azoulai, President, Lansay

Alandia Industries provides operational support to the management team in the implementation of the turnaround plan

Alandia Industries brings not only its financial resources but also its expertise in business turnaround The successful implementation of a turnaround strategy requires not only industry expertise provided by the management team but also the experience and methodology adapted to these special situations. It is common that a management team, even experienced and very willing, is not prepared to treat extraordinary difficulties. One of Alandia Industries’ partners intervenes full-time until the end of the turnaround (6-18 months) in support of the management team to carry one or two strategic projects. This temporary contribution of skills accelerates the transformation of the company and allows it to break even faster. At the end of its mission, the partner involved with the company in its financial and / or operational restructuring will continue to sit on the Supervisory Board to provide insight and knowledge of how the company and its employees operate to other members of the Supervisory Board. More rarely and in the event of a managerial vacancy, it has happened that the partners of Alandia Industries (who have all been business executives) temporarily overtake the management of the company.
Turnaround investment France


Examples of strategic projects led by Alandia Industries’ partners in support of the company management

Commercial strategy

  • Business development and new markets entry
  • Commercial strategy digitalization by developing online B2C sales channel
  • Industrial product diversification incl. R&D pilot testing and industrialisation
  • Economic model transformation through new commercial partnerships

Productive investments

  • Supervision of a heavy industrial investment from the definition of needs until start of production
  • Throughput maximisation through elimination of bottlenecks
  • Acquisition of additional industrial capacity

Efficiency improvement

  • Industrial process review
  • Break-even point improvement through fixed cost reduction
  • Implementation of a new ERP
  • Adjustment of the workforce to the activity
  • Negotiation of a new social contract with trade unions

Financing structure

  • Working capital reduction
  • Sourcing and deployment of asset financing

Alandia Industries is specialized in turnaround investment France

As specialists of distressed investments France, Alandia Industries has a proven track record of turnaround investment France led by turnaround investor France.