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Our turnaround strategy

Distressed investments in France and corporate turnarounds based on a proven and ethical methodology

Take over SMEs facing temporary difficulties


What we do

  • Bring in our deep experience of special situations in specific French context
  • Bring in the support of the leading industrials who are backing us
  • Provide flexible financing coming from our own funds and from family offices of leading industrial families

How we do it

  • Make independent investments decisions without time constraints
  • Deserve the trust of our partners by showing an exemplary and discreet behavior
  • Always demonstrate irreproachable ethics

Turn around distressed companies with an ambitious and sustainable plan to secure long-term employment 


What we do

  • Reinforce temporarily the management with one of Alandia Industries’ partners
  • Create value by seeking consensus and engaging fair discussions with employee representatives
  • Involve management and employees in the turnaround

How we do it

  • Build a turnaround plan with the management to guarantee the self-financing of investments
  • Communicate clearly the diagnostic, the strategy, the recovery plan and its progress
  • Be quick and pragmatic in the analysis and the implementation
  • Implement the turnaround plan with transparency while engaging fair discussions with employee representatives
  • Invite employee representatives to board meetings

« Alandia Industries has been a key partner during the take over of CITI TECHNOLOGIES, both in the initial diagnostic and in the implementation of the turnaround plan. Their industrial and transparent approach and their operational experience were critcal to support us while we were taking over a distressed business.« 

Cyril Roger, Senior Executive Vice-president, Altran

« Alandia Industries involvement was undoubtedly essential to save the largest company of the city. Without their determination, the company was doomed to liquidation and 100% of the employees to lose their jobs, not to mention the likely impact on the subcontractors.

Their professionalism and the flawless implementation of an ambitious industrial recovery plan made it possible to transfer this company to one of the European leaders, who is today investing in Boulogne. »

Frédéric Cuvilier, Boulogne-sur-mer mayor, former minister

« Right after they took control, and despite a very tense climate, Alandia Industries has been able to gain all employees support to a courageous recovery plan. The transparency with which this plan has been implemented (and especially through employee representatives access to the monthly board of directors) has made possible an operational turnaround based on significant industrial investments. Despite inevitable differences of opinion, Alandia has maintained a constructive and useful social dialogue for the company. »

Sylvain Demilly, former Continentale Nutrition works council secretary and former CFDT union representative

« The CFDT of Carbone Savoie committed itself in 2015 with Laurent Berger to the safeguarding of Carbone Savoie. The meetings with the Minister of the Economy did not give us much hope until it was decided that a turnaround fund, Alandia Industries, would be preferred for this case.We could only appreciate the transparency of Alandia Industries on the real state of health of our company and their conviction that our company could not be saved without the association of the employees and their representatives.
For the CFDT, it was therefore necessary to change our trade unionism in order to engage in collaborative work and find solutions, something that Alandia Industries immediately understood and accepted.

After four years, the result is there, Carbone Savoie was saved and then backed by an industrial group, and the staff were able to benefit from a profit-sharing scheme never before seen in this company. During my 30 years of seniority, I had to negotiate with the bosses of multinationals, Péchiney, Alcan and Rio Tinto. Alandia Industries will remain my best personal and trade union memory. »

Jean-Luc Pozzalo, CFDT Deputy General Secretary, Tokai Carbone Savoie

Société en difficulté partager Share turnaround efforts and results


What we do

  • Share turnaround efforts
  • Share fairly turnaround results between employees, managers, creditors and shareholders

How we do it

  • Require personal cash investment from the management alongside Alandia Industries
  • Ask employee to accept productivity efforts to improve long-term competitiveness and offer them an attractive profit sharing plan, or even an employee shareholding plan
  • Do not pay any dividends before the company is able to finance its own investments

Saving a distress company is a job that requires decisive action from all stakeholders of the company. In order to achieve this, Alandia Industries has developed the above methodology based on an irreproachable governance. In order to turn around an underperforming company and regain the trust of every stakeholders of the company, we must develop this governance with an enhanced transparency. We start with the preparation of an objective and uncompromising diagnostic and share it without restriction with customers, suppliers, employees, creditors and public authorities. This strategic, operational and financial diagnostic will be the basis of the turnaround plan. A turnaround requires the trust of all company’s stakeholders. Any company in which Alandia Industries invest, regularly communicates the progress of its turnaround to all its stakeholders and implements an equitable distribution of efforts and benefits of the recovery.

We are a distressed investment France specialist

Alandia Industries is a unique turnaround fund France specialized in distressed investing France. Please reach out to us for more details, we would be very pleased to talk about turnaround investment France with you.