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We are specialized in distress investing in France

Since 2010, we have brought more than €99m to 7 distressed companies.

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Carbone Savoie Rio Tinto


Clothing for families: children, women, men

Shareholding acquired from the Verbaudet Group in 2021, in portfolio

  • Turnover at the time of the takeover: ~ €80m
  • Company based in Hauts-de-France with approximately 325 employees
  • ~60 shops and 50% of turnover generated digitally



Carbone Savoie Rio Tinto

Carbone Savoie

A world leader in synthetic graphite and carbon products for the aluminum industry

Company sold in 2020 to Tokai Carbon

  • 2019 revenues: €128m
  • Company based in Savoie and Rhône ~ 400 employees
  • Annual EBITDA losses upon acquisition : € 12m
  • Turnaround plan focused on loading production capacity through a diversification of activities supported by significant efforts in R&D, €45m of productive investments to modernize factories and a systematic competitiveness improvement to cope with the international competition.
  • Time to EBITDA break even : 15 months



Continentale Nutrition C&D Food

Continentale Nutrition

White label food for dogs and cats

Company sold in 2016 to Cats And Dogs Food

  • Revenues €90m
  • Company based in Pas-de Calais ~300 employees
  • Annual EBITDA losses upon acquisition : € 11m
  • Turnaround plan focused on lowering costs to improve competitiveness in a highly competitive European environment and on a €7m CAPEX investment to increase production capacity of pouches (products with higher value added).
  • Time to EBITDA break even : 11 months

« Alandia Industries involvment was undoubtedbly essential to save the largest company of the city. Without their determination, the company was doomed to liquidation and 100% of the employees to loose their jobs, not to mention the likely impact on the subcontractors.

Their professionalism and the flawless implementation of an ambitious industrial recovery plan made it possible to transfer this company to one of the European leaders, who is today investing in Boulogne.« 

Frédéric Cuvilier, Boulogne-sur-mer mayor, former minister

« Right after they took control, and despite a very tense climate, Alandia Industries has been able to gain all employees support to a courageous recovery plan. The transparency with which this plan has been implemented (and especially through employee representatives access to the monthly board of directors) has made possible an operational turnaround based on significant industrial investments. Despite inevitable differences of opinion, Alandia has maintained a constructive and useful social dialogue for the company. »

Sylvain Demilly, former Continentale Nutrition works council secretary and former CFDT union representative




Intergrated management software

Company in portfolio, ~10 employees


« Alandia Industries supported me in the take over of AG2L by bringing their know-how in advanced insolvency legal techniques and their capacity to unite important partners. This helped to bring to a new AG2L the credibility and trust expected by both the Commercial Court and our clients. »

Carine Belkadi, AG2L President


distressed investment paris


Toys for children

Company sold to its management in 2015

  • Revenues upon acquisition : €25m
  • Company based in Ile-de-France, ~40 employees
  • Annual EBITDA losses upon acquisition : €700k ; debts : €20m
  • Time to EBITDA break even : 12 months


« Alandia Industries initially led an exemplary financial restructuring in close link to the creditors, which allowed Lansay to restore the solvency of its balance sheet. Their experience and operational involvement – throughout their investment – was key in significantly improving Lansay’s business model.

Nicolas de Germay is a trusted partner with whom we will not hesitate to consider new opportunities for the future. »

Serge Azoulai, President, Lansay



Engineering services for the defence and transportation industries

Company sold to Altran in 2013

  • Company based in Ile-de-France, ~325 employees
  • Revenues upon acquisition : €18m
  • Annual EBITDA losses upon acquisition : €1,2m
  • Time to EBITDA break even : 8 months

« Alandia Industries has been a key partner during the take over of CITI TECHNOLOGIES, both in the initial diagnostic and in the implementation of the turnaround plan. Their industrial and transparent approach and their operationnal experience were critical to us while we were taking over a distressed business.« 

Cyril Roger, Senior Executive Vice-president, Altran


SES Colas


Road signs

Company sold in 2013 to Colas

  • Revenues upon acquisition : €36m
  • Company based in the Centre-Val-de-Loire region, ~300 employees
  • Company was in redressement judiciaire upon acquisition
  • Turnaround based on an industrial transformation (€4m investments) in order to improve competitiveness and customer service (time to delivery). All product lines have also been revamped and a new ERP has been implemented in 8 months.
  • Annual EBITDA losses upon acquisition : €8,4m
  • Time to break even : 12 months

We are a distressed investing France specialist.

Alandia Industries has been founded in 2011 by leading industrials and family offices to be active in distress investing France. Our professionals have a long experience of corporate turnarounds, as managers, investors and consultants. We are a turnaround fund France and distress investment France specialists. Please contact us for more details. Our turnaround investor France would be very happy to speak with you.