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As a special situations fund based in France, we lead

investment strategies in distressed companies

We invest in the following turnaround situations :


Investor alongside historical shareholders


Example : Continentale Nutrition (2014)


Investor in support to public authorities


Example : SES (2011) – CIRI (2012)


Investor in partnership with large industrial groups


Alandia Industries reconciles large industrial groups with the turnaround of distressed companies by offering them partnerships to ensure a fast and sustainable recovery and to facilitate their future integration

Examples : SES with COLAS (2011), CITI with ALTRAN (2012)


Investor in partnership with creditors


Example : Lansay (2012)


Investor in spin-off of companies or business units belonging to large groups


Examples : AG2L (2012), Carbone Savoie (2016), Cyrillus (2021 )

Our financial means in turnaround investing to support business recovery

Alandia Industries invests alone or with co-investors.

Our investment capacity is €50m by company.


€m financing

€m CAPEX in companies

We are a special situations fund France

Turnaround investing consists in investing in distressed companies. Special situations funds France are instrumental in financing acquisition from the shareholders or creditors, in financing losses until next break even and in financing the required investments to implement the turnaround strategy.

Shareholders or managers interested in the sale of a distressed company are welcomed to contact us. Our discussions will obviously remain confidential. We will analyse with them the value we can add to the corporate restructuring. Unlike a classic turnaround fund France which are only providing funding, Alandia Industries will be involved operationally alongside the management. One of Alandia Industries partners is systematically involved –  full time from 6 to 18 months – in order to support the management in the implementation of the turnaround plan we would have defined together. This will add skills and methodology when the company needs it the most.